The occurrence of World War II history

World War II is a continuation of the First World War happened and ended a few years later. This war brought a very wide influence, because this war also ended decades of conflict that occurs between countries in Europe were also widely influential in the international relations of countries in the world today.
The occurrence of World War II history

second world war

Officially, World War II began on September 1, 1939. Another statement assumes that this war happened earlier when the Japanese had occupied Manchuria around 1937.

In general, World War I resulted in peace efforts as the countries form bandar bola an international organization the League of Nations (LBB). The fear, the horror, to the suffering of war recognized by the perpetrators and victims of war. For the presence of LBB as a product of World War I became the way for peace.

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LBB when it does not have a supranational role that they otherwise would have to be able to govern on its member states. The absence of a supranational role can be seen from the Italian attack against Ethiopia in 1935. It shows a large state arbitrariness in the body LBB to do as one pleases, and LBB did not have a strong role to stop, punish, or even govern how should the member states it’s acting. LBB is no longer believed to be a body that is capable of creating peace.

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Countries alliances result of World War I had a special suspicions against the opposition. Germany and Italy are sensible ultranasionalisme (National-Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy) suspect the communist Soviet Union. Suspicion makes conviction breakage peace guided by LBB, so the competition arose to defend ourselves and strengthen it in the military field. Britain, France, and the United States became involved with suspicion ideologies because they carry the idea of ​​democracy.

Competition military field produces a variety of new weapons from various countries. Modern weapons of sea transport, air, land up weapons of mass destruction possessed by each country. The war in this era became kind of evolution massive war with the victim were also very massive.

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European countries (plus the United States) is divided into three familiar, namely democracy (French, English, coupled with the US), fascism (Germany and Italy), and communism (Soviet Union). The existence of political revenge by the losing side in World War I, which revanche Idea as a result of the emergence of humiliation by Germany on the Treaty of Versailles which made should be subject to the whims of France and the Allies.

Additionally, boost the creation of war also caused by the expansion of German politics which carries the slogan Lebensraum (German Kingdom), Italy with the motto Iradenta Italia (Italy Kingdom), and Japan with the slogan Hakko Ichi-u. Germany and Italy allied characterized by friendship Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini’s fascism.
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War in the European Region

World War II 2 8

With Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler began to try to seize the port of Danzig in Poland beginning of September 1939 were considered as belonging to them before the onset of World War I. They also attack Austria and Czechoslovakia regions (Sudeten). Military aggression carried out by the German side is regarded as a first step the creation of World War II in Europe.

A few days later, on September 3, 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany. Soon the war in Europe is no longer inevitable. Europe raged followed by movement of massive military past number of boundaries in order to attack his enemies territory.

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The interference of Britain and France in attacking Germany does not make Italy a staunch ally of Germany stayed silent. In June 1940, Italy declared war on Britain and France. With war soon spread thoroughly in the European region. Soon after Italy intervened, the combined forces of Italy and Germany were able to conquer the French troops on June 22, 1940. The strength of Germany seems greater when cooperating with Italian forces. In April 1941, Germany had occupied Yugoslavia, Greece, and to extend to Africa precisely Egypt.

A few months after the Germans succeeded in occupying the three countries, Germany also managed to occupy the Ukraine and Russia in the former Soviet Union.

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