Making History Statue of Liberty – The Statue of Liberty is the most historic buildings and phenomenal in America. This statue even became an American icon that is in demand by many people in the world. Coming to America is not complete without a visit and took pictures in front of the statue, the symbol of freedom community today Amerika.Meski Statue of Liberty has become an icon of pride. Not many people know how to become a statue is made. How the sculptor had to seek funds back and forth so that this statue to stand. Following the history of making the Statue of Liberty is not much known to many people around the world.

Preliminary design of the Statue of Liberty
Discusses the history of the construction of the Statue of Liberty can not be separated from the creators that are phenomenal. He named Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and is a French citizen. Since childhood, Bartholdi really liked the art world, he had to undergo professional painter at a very young age. To express his art fiery, he managed to make a lot of statues. One result of the hard work of Bartholdi doing when he was 18 years old.

When growing up, he joined the Franco-Prussian War. In this war he got the idea to create a themed statue of liberty. Finally, the idea to make the Statue of Liberty created. The location is beginning to be used to the place of establishment was not American. Bartholdi who was exploring Egypt and see the Sphinx statue termegahnya dream will establish the Suez Canal.

Fundraising is Very Serious
Fundraisers for the Statue of Liberty is very difficult. One could even say is a project that is impossible. Bartholdi sought by its own power to affect many people in France. He moves from one office to another to collect the money no matter how small it is. Harsh criticism leveled by many in France.

Nevertheless, he remains a mission of this magnitude. He asked a lot of donations, and eventually collected about 250,000 francs (the equivalent of $ 750,000) in 1879. From here he began to build many parts of the statue as it has gained enough funds.

Making the Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty was made in France in 1876. Bartholi use all his ability to make this great statue. The basic design of the sculpture is made of metal-metal production Gustav Eiffel who have successfully made the Eiffel Tower standing tall. From this strong metal-metal, Bartholdi began to coat the parts with some rocks and began to carve it in accordance with the design that has been created.

For approximately eight years he fought alone. When there is an exhibition he participated and showed the image which is already almost finished. From this exhibition he gets a lot of money to be used to complete projects that are phenomenal. Finally in 1884, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the god of liberty Libertas successfully completed perfectly.

Fundraising in the United States
Most people only know if the Statue of Liberty was given by France to the US as a gift. In principle it is almost true. This sculpture was made by the citizens of France and some of the funds collected from donors. This is done because the French government did not approve the project until funds are never out. Moreover, this statue takes a lot of cost.

When the Statue of Liberty to be completed, Bartholdi would like to ask people in the United States for help. Especially for the completion and delivery. The cost involved quite a lot, and this was rejected by the American government. They do not understand why just a bunch of rocks alone could have a very expensive price.

Finally there was a journalist named Joseph Putlizer who have brilliant ideas. He wrote an article that affect citizens in America to donate. Uniquely, each person contributes, its name will appear in the newspaper. This strategy was successful and was able to make the Statue of Liberty sailed away from France to America.

Establishment Goddess Freedom in American Soil
After a year of fundraising, eventually in 1885 the Statue of Liberty was brought from France to America. This statue weighs tens of thousands of tons and it took a long time to transport it. In America alone, the welcome statue is carried by massive. Many New Yorkers are willing to assist in this project in order to immediately see the sculptures very pretentious.

Preparation of the Statue of Liberty run long enough. From start to finish prepared to take about six months. Finally, on October 25, 1886 the statue is able to stand up straight. In fact, the day after it was declared as a national holiday. Many people from different corners of America watched Lady Liberty that stands firm as a symbol of freedom in America.

Statue of Liberty in the Modern Era

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