MacArthur Monument and the Pacific War Stories

Papua save a lot of stories about the War of the Pacific that is part of World War II. One of these stories about Douglas MacArthur, the great general of the United States celebrated the strategy ‘Skip Frogs’ when the Pacific War, the range of 1941-1945.

The interesting thing, the general turned out to strategize the war against the Japanese army from the summit of Mount Ifar District area is now entered Sentani, Jayapura regency, Papua province. Allied forces set up his headquarters in Mountain Ifar after landing in Humboldt Bay or the Gulf of Hamadi on 22 April 1944.

On top Ifar Mountain which is about 15 minutes from Sentani Airport or 1 hour from the city of Jayapura that there MacArthur Monument. The monument was established by Allied forces under the command of General MacArthur who won the war against Japanese fascism in World War II.

It’s just that the visitors can not go in vain. Just as which must pass through checkpoints Parent Regiment Military Command (Rindam) XVII Cenderawasih in last Thursday, January 29, 2015. After leaving an identity card at the checkpoint, then the traveler who generally climbed allowed to enter.

While the monument MacArthur pentagon-shaped painted in yellow and black are written as follows:
In the summer of 1944, a complex overlay headquarters scattered in this place then established at this location. Finally berpangkalanlah in Sentani a Headquarters Regional General Pacific Southwest: United States Army in the Far East, Air Force A-3 Region Far East, Fleet to Seven, Air Force-Lima, Army-Six, Army eight , landing of Allied Forces and Allied Air Forces. Planning and Implementation to attack the Philippines carried out from this place. Under the direction of General Douglas MacArthur.

And not far from the monument there are some concrete seats overlooking the panoramic view of Lake Sentani Sentani Airport.

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