Know Microsoft Excel and history Up to Latest Version

Although almost all of us know about Microsoft Excel, there are many who intend to get to know Microsoft Excel and its history. Microsoft Excel is an application for creating or editing a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for use on the Microsoft operating system Windows or Macintosh computer. Features that are in it are calculations, graph maker tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called “Visual Basic” to the application. Since the application is touching version 5 in 1993 and has managed to become the spreadsheet editing applications most widely used and replace Lotus 1-2-3 that at that time become the industry standard for those working with spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel is one part of a bundle of Microsoft Office.

Know Microsoft Excel and history Up to Latest Version

Early History The emergence of Microsoft Excel
To know the history of Microsoft Excel, we need to see what happens before the Microsoft Excel software dominate struggling in the field of editing a spreadsheet. Before Microsoft launched a software that is able to perform the capabilities of Microsoft Excel, an other software had first appeared and had a name, ie VisiCalc which was originally released for the Apple II and referred to as an application that converts a microcomputer than just a hobby for the computer enthusiast become a serious business tool. Devices called VisiCalc was also touted as the most powerful applications of Apple II at the time because successfully sold over 700,000 copies in six years. For those of us who know Microsoft Excel and its history, would know that Microsoft Excel is able to perform calculations on the data with a very large matrix, but in the past, VisiCalc only able to perform calculations on the data with a matrix size of 5 columns x 20 rows.

In 1982, Microsoft began developing a spreadsheet editing application which was originally known by the code “EP” which is an acronym for Electronic Paper (Electronic Paper). Program called Multiplan was released first for the computers that use the operating system CP / M developed using p-code C compiler owned by Microsoft as a strategy portability that facilitates ported to systems such as MS-DOS, Xenix, Commoder either 64 or 128, and several others. Although Microsoft later issued a helper program called Microsoft Chart to chart, in learning to know Microsoft Excel and its history is no victory for Microsoft because Multiplan continues defeat of Lotus 1-2-3 created by Lotus Software is now part of IBM ,

Starters part of learning to know Microsoft Excel and its history starts right when Multiplan failed in the market precisely on 30 September 1985 in which Microsoft later released the first version of Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh operating system. The new Windows version was released in November 1987 by jumping to version 2.0 to offset the Macintosh version that already has touched the 2.2 version at the time. Multiplan errors exist in the latest version of Windows they create, give a gap in Microsoft Excel entry into the area. This is evidenced by the ability shown by Microsoft Excel where he managed to beat Lotus 1-2-3 in terms of sales in 1988 and make Microsoft is in a leadership position in the field of program development for the PC. Initially, Excel reap many complaints because it is considered in violation of copyright the name of a financial company, and therefore it was renamed into Microsoft Excel.

Versions of Existing On Microsoft Excel
Demi familiar Microsoft Excel and its history, we also have to discuss about the versions of Microsoft Excel are never released. The first version of Microsoft Excel is exclusive to computers using the Macintosh as the operating system and released in 1985. This version was resumed with the release of Excel 2.0 in 1987 devoted to the computer with a Windows-based operating system in which the number 2 was chosen to pursue version there is the program that was released for the Macintosh operating system that is Excel 2.2.

If traced, no mean thing to be learned for the sake of familiar Microsoft Excel and its history up to the year 1993. Previously, Microsoft had given birth in 1990 Excel 3.0 and Excel 4.0 in 1992. In 1993, this is the first time Microsoft slipped “Visual Basic for Application “on Excel 5.0 is able to make an automatic work in Excel and presents the User-Defined Functions (UDF) for use in the worksheet. The addition of VBA is rated as one of the most powerful additions at that time, unfortunately, this advantage is also a weak point where Excel becomes an easy target for viruses

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