a Journey to Success Google Establishment History

The early history of the founding of Google stems from the obligation to make a research project as a college assignment of Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were educated at Stanford University, California. In September 2013, Google has become a giant company with 70 offices in 40 countries.

Arcing and Developments Google
Page, who was looking for a theme for pasar taruhan bola the dissertation is already thinking about the exploration of the mathematical properties of the World Wide Web, by studying its link structure as a huge graph. Terry Winograd, who was working at Stanford was later appointed as a guardian, and the person who gave him this idea. This idea was later touted by Page as the best advice he has ever received, and the first point of the early history of the founding of Google.

Journey to Success Google Establishment History

In the research project which he named BackRub, later joined by Brin supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. Page then form a web crawler began exploring the world of the Internet in March 1996 to the home page of Stanford-owned Page as the only starting point. After doing this, Brin and Page developed an algorithm called PageRank that is able to convert the backlink data gathered by web crawlers belonging to Page and turn it into a matter that is important. When is analyzing the output of BackRub, Brin and Page realized that the search engine on the basis of PageRank would produce better output than in ways that already exist. BackRub, after a while, eventually transformed into Google that originated from misspelled the word “googol”, the number one followed by 100 zeros (10100), which symbolizes that the search engine aims to provide a large quantity of information.

Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems become donors first to open the gates of the founding of Google with a contribution of US $ 100,000 before Google became a company in August 1998. In early 1999, Brin and Page decided that the search engine they are doing this takes too a lot of time and hinder their academic pursuit, which resulted in them went to see CEO of Excite, George Bell, and Google sells for US $ 1,000,000 which was later rejected. However, on June 7, 1999, collected a fund of US $ 25 million granted by big investors such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital.

The opening to the public Google shares began 5 years later, exactly on August 19, 2004. At that time, Page, Brin, and Eric Schmidt agreed to work together at Google for 20 years until 2024. The company offers more than nineteen thousand shares at a price of US $ 85 per share. These shares were sold in an online auction with a system created by Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Total sales of shares of US $ 1.67 trillion this gives Google market capitalization of US $ 23 trillion.

The early history of the founding of Google is not complete without a list of the companies acquired by them since 2001. In 2004, Google acquired Keyhole, Inc. a start-up company that is developing a product called Earth Viewer. The product is able to provide three-dimensional view of the Earth, and Google product was renamed Google Earth in 2005. That same year in April, Google also acquired a company called Urchin Software and Google Analytics made in 2006 based products named “Urchin on Demand”.

In October 2006, the video sharing site YouTube was also acquired for US $ 1.65 billion paid using Google shares, which this approval was inaugurated on 13 November in the same year. On 13 April 2007, Google re-acquisition and this time against DoubleClick, a company engaged in the field of online advertising. In the same year, GrandCentral which was then renamed to Google Voice, a telecommunications service by Google which was later released on 11 March 2009. 5 months after the release of Google Voice, acquisitions and re-do this time to a social networking search engine named Aardvark, and in 2010 announced that it has acquired a start-up hardware, Agnilux.

Google Owned Products
One is Google’s DoubleClick product that focuses on online advertising. In 2006, the company reported that they were able to generate US $ 10.492 trillion just from advertising. Google’s advertising product is a combination of several types of technology:

Technology from DoubleClick gives Google the ability to determine the craze of users and the target of the ad, so

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