History of the Kingdom of Samudera Pasai

Samudera Pasai royal history is expected to start up in the year 1267 this kingdom is a kingdom of Islam with patai operations center in northern Sumatra, precisely around Lhokseumawe, North Aceh. Historical sources used by historians to examine this kingdom is Hikayat Raja-raja Pasai, a book in the Malay language in which the book tells the story of one of the first Islamic kingdom emerged in Indonesia, namely Pasai Ocean. This is because until now very little archaeological evidence which could be the basis of a search early this Islamic kingdom. Besides Hikayat Raja-raja Pasai, they also linked the stories in the book with the tombs of the king, and with the discovery of coins of gold and silver which terbubuhi name of the king who was ruling.

History of the Kingdom of Samudera Pasai

History of the Kingdom of Samudera Pasai
Who became the first incisions with ink Pasai Ocean’s royal history is Marah Silu who had the title of Sultan Malik al-Saleh in the 1267’s. Marah Silu was King Pasai who replaced Sultan Malik al-Nasser. At that time, Marah Silu was in the area with the name Semerlanga. Marah Silu died in 696 Hijri or around the year 197 AD. In the book Hikayat Raja-raja Pasai and also Sulalatus Salatin, name and Samudera Pasai separated, because they both are two completely different areas. Even so, the Chinese records do not distinguish these two names. Marco Polo also recorded a list of the kingdom in Sumatra, where on the whole island can be found names Ferlec or Perlak, Basma, and Samara or the ocean.

After Sultan Malik al-Saleh, reign in the kingdom Pasai held by his son, Sultan Muhammad Malik az-Sahir is the fruit of a marriage between him and the daughter of the King Perlak. In the reign of Sultan Muhammad Malik, Pasai currency into gold and silver coins, in line with Pasai becoming increasingly large trade area, and also the development of Islamic religious outreach. In 1326, Sultan Muhammad Malik died and the kingdom of Pasai held by his son Sultan Mahmud Malik az-Zahir, who ruled for 19 years until 1345. It is believed that during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Malik, Ibn Batuthah came to visit and told me that one of the sultanate Ocean greeted him with a friendly, where the population of the empire of the ocean it adheres to Shafi. When Sultan Mahmud Malik dropped and replaced by his son, Sultan Ahmad Malik az-Zahir. At the time of Sultan Ahmad Malik is, attacks of Majapahit around 1343 to 1350, where these attacks forced the Sultan of Pasai kingdom fled and escaped from the royal capital towards safe.

Return the written history of the kingdom of Samudera Pasai was in 1383, which at that time Zain al-Abidin Sultan Malik az-Zahr took over the leadership until the year 1405. The name Sultan Zain al-Abidin itself can be found in any of the chronicles of China, but under the name different ie Tsai-nu-li-a-pi-ting-ki. Sultan Zain al-Abidin believed an end to his reign as killed by King Nakur. Pasai royal government then continues in the hands of his own wife, the Sultanah Nahrasiyah.

In 1405, for the first time Zheng He’s fleet by number of vessels about 208 ships total, came to visit Pasai, where this visit occurred again in 1408 and 14012. It is taken from the report belong to Ma Huan and Fei Xin, maid Zheng tells the story of Zheng He’s voyages around the world. From this visit, Cheng Ho to give a gift from the Chinese emperor at that time, namely a bell Cakra Donya. If we talk about the geographic area, the kingdom of Pasai have boundaries where the east and south are high mountains. The eastern part of the kingdom is bordered by another kingdom, the kingdom Aru an Islamic empire. On the east side of this kingdom, there is the sea, where the western part bordering the two kingdoms, namely Nakur and Lide. In 1434, the Sultanate of Pasai try to send one of his brothers who have the name Ha-li-zhi-han who died in Beijing. Hearing this news, which comes from the Xuande Emperor Ming Wang Jinhong then sent to tell the news to Pasai sultanate.

The history of the kingdom of Samudera Pasai can not be started without the administrative center of the kingdom, and in the case of Pasai Ocean, the place became the center of their administration lies between the river and the river Jambu Air Pasai in North Aceh. Ibn Batuthah’ve spent about two weeks in the empire said that indeed this kingdom has no defense at all is made of stone, but the city was already their boundary fence of wood that has a distance of several kilometers from the port of this city. In the core area of

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